Diet Risk Score

We created a brief diet assessment tool, the Diet Risk Score (DRS), that gives a high, medium or low risk score for cardiometabolic mortality risk based on reported dietary choices. The questions in the DRS are based on a study of meta-analyses and risk assessment models that showed the relationship between foods and food groups and cardiometabolic risk.

My collaborations and I created the screener and then validated it against an established diet assessment tool, the Healthy Eating Index (HEI)-2015; the details of can be found in our validation study, published in BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health. It was made into an online calculator and provides talking points based on the riskiest dietary choices reported to help individuals make healthy changes to reduce their risk.

The DRS was designed to be used by healthcare providers who would administer it to their patients. It is now freely available online and anyone can use it! If you are not a healthcare provider, be sure to share it with your healthcare provider for personalized recommendations!

Visit the online diet risk score calculator: